Permanent Consulting Engineers provides a comprehensive end-to-end plant design, and our engineering services include piping-, process-, structure- and electrical design.

We use Plant Design Management System (PDMS) software for process engineering and mechanical engineering solutions.

PDMS is a multi-user software package for onshore and offshore engineering design of huge industrial plants. With PDMS programming, the model of a plant can easily and accurately be demonstrated in a full 3D-structure format.

Here are some advantages of using PDMS software:

  • Create the exact 3D-model of the plant with the correct dimensions
  • Detailed design of all parts of the plant, even the smallest ones
  • Saving time during the designing process of the plant
  • Avoid clashes and other defects in construction and piping design
  • Generating material take-off reports easily
  • Easy modifications of pipes or structures
  • Generate isometric drawings easily
  • Possibility for re-use and extract data from previous projects
  • Saving material costs in comparison to the manual calculation method
  • Preparation of fabrication drawings, GA, layouts, etc.
  • Preparation of as-built drawing

If you want to expand your production capabilities, and reduce operating costs by increasing efficiency, our engineers are ready to help you with the latest technology in plant design.