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PRIEngineers at 20+23

By February 23, 2024February 25th, 2024No Comments

A year closer to our purposes. RePo 23022024 kl. 1234 dk

Verysoon and just after the initial achievements in our engineering world, the company has reached to the targets to a full EPC (#Engineering, #Procurements and #Construction), where five #building #projects from zero to 100 had been has been executed with a total price of many million danish korona. (2,5kk dkk). A full satisfaction from customers and most important is our #engineering_solutions which helps for a better, cheaper and accurate works.

An online platform with an involments around the #globe to solve the most complicated #engineering tasks , reaches to a most ever possible #BIG cooperatin to run the engineering projects as an #EPC. We did our projects for great names in #Wind_Industry and #Solar_Parks so far. And #EPC projects for house holds. The model is working properly and is successfully tested. Now, after 5 years of hard working, having more then 500 expers throut the world, we are able to annoucne a new way of #success.

We would like to say #Thanksyou to our brilliant #networks. Those who made a fair cooperation, when we were not able to pay our #invoices. We truley have had the biggets ever investment on our works. Thank you for those who stands on #roads and participate in our online #meetings. Thanks for those who accepted the tasks, many million KM our of their scopes. Brave hearts are here not in #Hollywoods. No need to say the foundation of such a great organization is ruted from #Perspolice #Iran. At 2500 BC, those people made the tallest buildings, strong against #earthqukes. Those #structures are safe still. We do the engineering on the same way.

Group of #PRIEngineers and #Permanent_Consulting_Engineers are moving forwards. No stop. #Solar_Parks #Wind_Power #Denmark #Iran.

Thanks, RePo, #CEO den 23022024 kl. 1303 dk – kl. 1303 + 2,5 h IR

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