Steel Structures

Steel Structures

PRI has a long way footprint on designing and detailing of Steel structures in various places in the world. We have worked with most valuable standards such as AISC and Euro codes and national annexes to offer an economical and permanent solutions to the needs of our clients. We are experienced in multi story steel buildings, pipe racks, connections, equipment structures, work shops, long bay trusses, airports, boiler, industrial plants, offshore wind and everything which is made by steel. In addition to engineering of steel structures, PRI does inspection on construction of steel structures.

Please send us a short brief of your need then we find a permanent solution for you by steel.


Permanent Consulting Engineers have been involved in many structures, such as multi-story buildings, pipe racks, connections, equipment structures, workshops, long bay trusses, airports, boiler, industrial plants, offshore wind. We have expertise in static calculations, FEM-, buckling- and vibration analysis – All based on Euro codes and US codes. For example, here are some of the important American codes for steel structure design:

– ASCE 7–5, ASCE 7–10 for Loadings on structures

– AISC 360–10 – Specification for steel buildings

– (AISC) Steel Guide 1- Column base plate and anchor rod design

– (AISC) Steel Guide 3- Serviceability design considerations

– (AISC) Steel Guide 4- Extended end plate Moment connections

– (AISC) Steel Guide 24- Hollow Structural section Connections

– UBC 1997- Unified building code, for earthquake design requirements


And here are some of the Euro Codes in steel structure design:

– EN 1993 Eurocode 3 – Design of steel structures

– EN 1990: Eurocode – Basis of structural design

– EN 1991: Eurocode 1 – Actions on structures

– ENs, ETAGs and ETAs for construction products relevant for steel structures

– EN 1090: Execution of steel structures – Technical requirements

– EN 1992 to EN 1999 when steel structures or steel components are referred to


As your partner we participate in all phases of the project, from idea and basic design to detailing, oversight and execution.

We use the latest digital tools such as REVIT and Tekla for 3D modelling of steel structures, STAADPRO and SAP2000 for FEM analysis, and AutoCAD for drawings. We provide a full package of workshop drawings both as single parts and assembly.