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Changing to green energy

Power-to-X (PtX) is a concept where Green electric energy is turned into an environmentally friendly fuel. Ammonia, chemicals, gas, heat, hydrogen, liquid, methane and more can be produced by the PtX concept through different processes.

Hydrogen for example is a product that can be produced from H2O (water) by using electrolysis generators to split the H2O (water) into H2 (hydrogen) and O (oxygen) with the help of electric energy, which is sustainable.

The Hydrogen will then be used in situations where it’s not optimal to use electric energy e.g. in heavy duty transport like shipping and aviation transport where the weight to power ratio of batteries is not effective to use.

PtX is a big step towards an environmentally friendly future and can be applied in many different situations where electric energy is not sufficient.

An example of a PtX project that is applied can be seen by the companies RWE and BASF. Their plan is to produce an offshore wind power and green hydrogen production.

They predict a 7,500 GWh of electricity annually, where 80% of the output is expected to power carbon dioxide reduction technology, electrical heated steam cracker furnaces and the Verbund chemical site in Ludwigshafen. The other 20% will be used to power a 300-MW electrolyze plant which will generate green hydrogen. (from media)

by KIMI – 11102022

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